Better Than Ezra @ The Power And Light District

Friday, July 24, 2009 - 11:44:58 pm
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After the zoo, we headed back to downtown Kansas City to the Power and Light District, venue of tonight's free Better Than Ezra show. The venue was right across from the Sprint Center (where we'd seen Poison on Tuesday night), so there was no problem finding it.

While looking for parking, we almost got taken out by some stupid chick in the parking lot. Almost right after recovering from that, we spotted Kevin and Tom (ie: Better Than Ezra) walking down the road towards the show. Almost too much for Katie to handle in such a short space of time.

We parked the car and went into Famous Daves for dinner, where we waited absolutely forever for our meal. We arguably went in at 6, and hadn't left until just before 7. There was some convention in town, with droves of ridiculous looking women wearing capes with "Super Salpada Sister" on. Who had all decided to eat at Famous Daves, hence why it was ridiculously loud and we had to wait so long for our food. Such a display of douchebaggery also made Katie want to go on a rampage. Katie predicted that it was some sort of Avon thing, and we've since confirmed that she was right - it being an Avon like sale of jewelery.

The upside of it all was that we had plenty of time to kill before the show, so getting to sit in the restaurant and keep the free refills coming back actually a really good thing.

Since Katie wasn't sure whether the show started at 7 or 8, we go the check and headed over to where the show was. Not before phoning home and learning that Brad and Jamie had bowed out of the Green Day concert, so there we now two spare tickets. How convienent, since we'd only declined because we expected to be in Arizona is August. Since we've delayed our moving by a few weeks, this news was music to our ears, pardon the pun. [smile]

In anycase, we headed over to the show - once again, looking at the merch table - of an now indie band that don't really get any radio support, there were numerous t-shirts and CD's for sale for the band to cash in on. Something than some OTHER bands are clearly lacking.

As it turned out, the show didn't start until 8, which was a bit rough because we were tired from walking around the zoo all day, and sweaty to boot and it was still quite warm.

The opening band came out at 8, Sixteen Frames from LA. Funnily enough, I thought there were some Scotty Johnson qualities about the singer, but didn't say anything, not thinking Katie would agree. After the show one of the first things she said to me was "I can't believe you didn't comment on how the singer looked like Scotty J!" [smile] They were relatively good, but given the long day, and that it was still quite hot, by about half an hour into their set, we were both ready for Better Than Ezra to take the stage.

It took an amazingly long time for the stage to be set up for Ezra, but as is always the case, once they did come out it was all good. Ironically, just like for Toad, Katie got stuck next to the only douchebags at the show. About three chicks dancing like retards, particularly during one of their new ones Nightclubbing. Despite that it was a really good show - and to save and international incident I swapped positions with Katie, and then girls soon got the message that I wasn't going to put up with any bullshit, and half wayy through the In The Blood, the first song of the encore, they'd moved far enough to not be an annoyance to anyone. Well at least to us. Making the position change earlier would have been a good idea!

The stage set was weird, with the drummer facing diagonally out to the left, and Kevin was to the left of the stage. The new songs they played were all good, giving us reason to pick up the album on the way out. Travis' replacement was also quite good. When you're only a 3 piece, loosing one member is really noticable, but we both thought the new guy was really good.

After the show we headed back to the car. Thankfully being on the road we had clothes in the back, so I immediately changed out t-shirts because I was absolutely soaked in sweat given the heat.

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