Lazy Day

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Today has been such a great lazy day, coming off the past week - which has been a lot of fun, but we both feel a bit worse for wear from it.

To be honest, this has been the first day in forever where I've been able to truly relax. We woke up this morning, did some stuff until about midday, and then promptly took another nap. Which was Katie's idea, I was actually going to do some stuff, but it took nothing for me to pass out - for the next four or five hours! Katie woke me up just before 5 because of the Mythbusters episode about to air.

For the rest of the night we just watched Mythbusters, as the Discovery Channel was playing episodes back to back. As a testament to truth in advertising, we weren't too far into the pop corn episode before we had paused it (can I say how much pausing live TV rocks?!?) and were in the kitchen making popcorn! Hmmmmm, popcorn!

It has definitely been such a nice day of doing nothing, and was really needed!

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