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With all the cool enhancements in browsers these days, Tabbed Browsing, Sidebars, it amazes me that I still can't share bookmarks cleanly, remotely between browsers. Especially given that bookmarks have been around since the dawn of time, and haven't progressed much, with the exception of maybe booklets.

What the world (ie: I) needs is a centralized bookmarks file, residing on a webserver, which browsers can read and write to. While there are things like Firefox's Live Bookmarks (RSS bookmarks), I want to drag and drop URL's into my bookmarks, and have them stored in the central bookmarks, read from all my browsers, locally or remotely. Furthermore, it appears that Live Bookmarks from a single feed can not be made into specific items on the Personal Toolbar, as I currently have my bookmarks setup.

On other rant, what is with this? From http://channels.netscape.com/ns/browsers/why.jsp

Additional features you cannot get from your current browser.

* Tabbed Browsing - view multiple Web sites from a single browser window.
* Get map - address book gives you a direct link to MapQuest to map it.
* AIM ® - get AOL &reg: Instant Messenger (SM) the #1 instant messenger built into your browser - now with buddy icons, PC to PC file transfer, Buddy Alerts and AIM Today.
* ICQ - if you use ICQ, you'll find it in this browser too.
* One-button publish - Web page publishing feature in Composer, the HTML editor that comes with your browser.
Tabbed Browsing? - I've been enjoying this feature since installing Netscape 7.1.
AIM ®? - That's been shipping with Netscape for as long as I remember (at least 1998). And has been a Netscape sidebar for quite a while. The other 'additional features' I don't care about.

So, why do I want to update to Netscape 7.2? Hmmmm, that was what I was trying to find out by going to the aforementioned page! I miss the days of changelogs. (Or at least a list of features that really are new in the latest version of Netscape.

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