A Framed Life In Charming Light

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I was up early this morning to try to get Woolford's new solo record on to my iPod before work. It's been deathly cold here in the desert over the past few days, and this morning was no exception, so the fact that I was out of bed and shivering before 7am downloading it goes to how much I've been anticipating this release.

If there has been anything that I've learned over the past 7 years, it's that anything Woolford related should be brought immediately with no question. So, I'm not at all surprised at how good this album is.

Early favorites for me are Julie, She's On Fire, A Framed Life In Charming Light, Rock Beats Money, A New Independence and This Isn't Goodbye.

And interestingly I recognise No Contact, the song that I've seen Let Go play live over the last few years, that I was calling "Atom Bomb".
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I Should Rip This Audio...

Anthem For A Dying Breed...And Why The Maine Keep Impressing Me

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We pre-order The Maine's Anthem For A Dying Breed DVD some time ago. It arrived a few weeks before Christmas, though being so busy throughout December, it sat on the shelf.

We finally got around to watching it over New Years. True to the form of that band, a very worthwhile purchase. The documentary portion of it was quite interesting. I was well aware that the band had gone and recorded a what became Pioneer. And I was well aware that the label wasn't impressed, and the band had to put the record out independently on their own dime. What I hadn't realized was the degree to which they'd been given the cold shoulder by Warner Brothers. And more importantly, that they independently put out Pioneer AND had dropped their label. Like I needed any more reason to respect this band over the past 5 years, but there is another one. Definitely puts some more gravitas behind Anthem For A Dying Breed.

Of course, being the band that never short changes you, the DVD additionally contains a live show from Brazil, and a slew of other extras. This was great stuff. The show happened right after they finished their North American tour here in Tempe. Pretty damn impressive film work on it too, especially given the whole not having the backing of a major label.

One of the highlights of the show is the chilled out version of The Way We Talk. I was in love when I saw them do this at The Marquee about a month before this show in San Paulo. At the time, it pained me that I didn't have a good recorded version of that. I did recently find a grainy cell phone video of it from The Marquee on YouTube, but having that version captured on DVD has really made my day.

After watching the DVD, I declared that I was going to have to rip the audio from the show, because it's a great live recording, and would go down a treat on our iPod's. Something that I would at sometime get around to finding time to do.

Tonight, about two weeks later, we receive an email from the band's indie label. The contents of which are a link to download to the audio from the DVD for everyone who purchased the DVD a month ago. So much for me having to go to the effort of ripping the audio myself. These guys honestly know how to do everything right, and never fail to impress me.
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