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Lead Thoughts

Mark Ord (Tempe, Arizona)

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						Lead ThoughtsWhile Lead Thoughts is just my personal website, it is a good portfolio piece showing what I can do, as I'm solely responsible for every byte of code behind it.

The site is powered by a PHP CMS application I built initially for the sole purpose of running this website after years of having a hard to maintain static website. The blog section of the implemented by a blogging application I personally built in PHP.

Many of my web application projects are integrated into the site, including Hitter on the Music Profile section of the site.

The site is designed with best practices and features a proof of concept style switcher (CSS Zeb Garden inspired) allowing for easy reskinning and preserving old site designs. Though I make no guarantee that any theme other than the current default is 100% up to date at any given time.

Responsible for: All code, visual design, all photography.

Harbor Village

Harbor Village Corporation (Warsaw, Missouri)

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						Harbor VillageThis site designed from a blank canvas, using Joomla to provide a self manageable website for a local county entity. Creation of this website involved designing all graphical elements of the site, including the design of a branding logo and customizing an existing Joomla theme.

Responsible for: Logo and visual design, content, CSS and template tweeking, deployment and hosting.

Lost Horizons - A Tribute To Doug Hopkins

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						Lost Horizons - A Tribute To Doug HopkinsLost Horizons is a labor of love website, dedicated to the memory of the late musician Douglas Hopkins.

Similar to my personal site, this content heavy website is powered by my own PHP based content management system.

Responsible for: XHTML/XSLT/CSS/Javascript programing, visual design, search engine optimization, hosting.


Motile Pty Ltd (Melbourne, Australia)

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						MotileMigrated this website from static HTML into a content managed website under a propriety CMS. Focus was given to standards compliant XHTML and CSS and compliance to WIA accessibility guidelines.

Responsible for: XHTML/XSLT/CSS/Javascript programming, CMS data forms, initial content.


Carmine Pascuzzi (Melbourne, Australia)

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						MediasearchI was central to the redesign and rebuild of this online zine site in preparation for a relaunch of the site. Migration of this site involved moving the largely static IIS site into a PHP content management system, designing form templates for content entry and building server side XSLT stylesheets and CSS implementing the new site visual design.

Responsible for: XHTML/XSLT/CSS/Javascript programming, CMS form templates, implementation of new visual design.

Switch Styles

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