The Blaze 25th Anniversary

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Today ASU's 1260 The Blaze celebrated their 25th Anniversary. The main draw card for tuning is was Robin Wilson as a special guest between 10pm and 12am. Scheduled between that time anyway - he was quite hasty to leave after an hour. [wink]

While it was disappointing that he stayed away from local music, his recollections of the Tempe scene were great. Although he bailed after the first hour, the redeeming factor was that Sarah Ventre played some of the best local stuff there is, starting with a double shot of the Blossoms, through to Dead Hot, Refreshments, Pistoleros. Out of the whole hour there were only three songs that a) I didn't know and b) don't have on constant rotation - The Glass Heros, Meat Puppets and Gloritone. Really was more or less having my iPod on shuffle!

  1. Allison Road - Gin Blossoms
  2. Mrs. Rita - Gin Blossoms
  3. Sunnyslope - Fish Karma
  4. Sara Says - Zubia Brothers
  5. Suckerpunch - The Refreshments
  6. A - Dead Hot Workshop
  7. Rock Me Better - The Glass Heros
  8. Lake Of Fire - Meat Puppets
  9. My Guardian Angel - The Pistoleros
  10. 1000 to 1 - Gloritone
  11. Chorus - Scott Johnson
  12. Elly Bussa Touch The Sky - Dead Hot Workshop
  13. Tangled - Dead Hot Workshop
  14. Preacher's Daughter - The Refreshments
  15. Learning The Hard Way - Gin Blossoms
  16. 'Til I Hear It From You - Gin Blossoms
Hearing Chorus played was kick ass. Hearing Blossoms songs wasn't too shocking, given Robin being in the studio earlier, but Scotty Johnson getting airtime was too cool.

And hey, anyone who chooses to play A and Tangled is okay by me! [wink]

I don't know how much of the rest of the 25 hours was local stuff, but I really think that this was the two hours to tune in for!
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Tabs Close Button in Firefox 2

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One of my pet peeves with Firefox 2 (which is an overstatement) is the close tab button on every tab. The old 1.5 way of being able to keep the mouse stationary and click like mad to close all the open tabs was much better.

Thankfully Firefox 2 can be reverted to Firefox 1.5 behaviour...

  1. Open about:config
  2. Find the browser.tabs.closeButtons setting
  3. Change the setting to 3.
    0 = Button on active tab only
    1 = Each tab has it's own close button
    2 = Remove all close buttons
    3 = Display single close button as per Firefox 1.5

Hitter Playlists

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Not that I had set out to do this, and not that I don't have a billion other things to do, but tonight I added support in Hitter to create playlists from charts at a click of a button. That is, now I can easily create a playlist containing my most played songs for 2006.

Should be handy for my iPod, and having some good chunky playlists (playlists generated have no limit, so basically every song played within the period gets in there) for when I don't know exactly what I want to listen to, but shuffling all the songs on my iPod is just too wide in variety. The yearly charts might be a bit wide also, but at least they'll be things I've listened to consciously before, ordered by popularity.
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Mark Zubia & Emmitt CD

Absolutely Right And Wrong Finally On Record

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Mark Zubia and Emmitt have a new CD out, which I read about on the Peacemakers board yesterday, which seemed pretty cool. Though, I didn't know exactly how cool until asking about the CD last night, and learning that there is a cover of Hopkin's Absolutely Right And Wrong, making it a must have, if it wasn't already.

It's also cool looking at the track list and seeing that Patty Pierson co-wrote Radio which has long been one of my favorite Zubs songs.

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Mill Aveneue

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The video says it all...

Sara rocks!

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