The Maine Zia Instore Performance

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The last Maine in-store we went to way pretty cool, on the eve of the release of Forever Halloween at the Tempe store. But we didn't really get to see the actual performance, nor even really hear it.

Tonight's in-store for the release of Imaginary Numbers was much different. It's the upside of the bigger Chandler store. And the performance aspect of it being seeming a little more organized. Rather than what seemed like about 15 minutes last time, this was probably about an hour acoustic set from John and Jared, with lots of banter and question taking. Although we were deep in the "Rock - M" aisle, and couldn't see John until he stood up between songs, there was a decent PA and the acoustic renditions of Ho Ho Hopefully, Whoever She Is, Love & Drugs, Into Your Arms, These Four Words and Rain In Paris sounded great.

We weren't sure if we were going to stick around for the signing - we did that last time, which was a pretty rad experience, which probably could not be topped. But since we wound up back in line fairly close to the front, we decided to go for it. On Tuesday we'd brought two copies of Imaginary Numbers on CD (gaining us entry to the in-store) in addition to the vinyl copy we pre-orders - so we should at least get one signed. We ended up back inside Zia a lot quicker than when we'd lined up an hour earlier for the performance. The upside with this line was the opportunity to browse CD's while waiting. Amazingly I noticed Three Hundred sitting at the front of the shelves. It's the one Stereo CD we don't have and I have been searching out for years. Sweet.

Surprisingly to us, when we arrived at the signing tables, John actually remembered us from the Tempe in-store. His "great to see you guys again" seemed genuine, and was very impressive coming from someone in an internationally touring band who probably meet hundreds of people per night, especially given how accessible this band makes themselves. Had there been any question about whether it was just a line (which there wasn't), he then launched into The Replacements and suggested that they might cover Here Comes A Regular at the upcoming Tempe Center for the Arts show (harking back to the Replacements conversation we had 6 months ago). It's been a long and exhausting week, and thus hadn't thought of much to say, I was happy to get our CD signed and make way for all the adoring teens to talk to the band, but I regret that in hindsight. I'm like a broken record on how great this band is, and this is yet another reason.

Great time, and obviously we're both very glad we opted to stick around for the signing.
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Las Noches De Las Luminaria 2013

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It's that time again, Las Noches De Las Luminarias at the Botanical Gardens. I can never get sick of it.

The added aspect this year was that there Chiluly exhibits being in the gardens this year. This was cool to see the other week during the day, and then tonight light up.

Lots of great shots. The best were the ones I set up for HDR. I wish I were a millionaire and could buy my own night of Luminaria with no-one else around, and just shoot from dusk to dawn.

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