Duty Free

Sunday, January 21, 2007 - 10:52:16 pm
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This afternoon listening to Countrysides I noticed that Ain't Going To Suck Itself references Jackon Haring, who is also referenced in Duty Free ("Jackson Haring and I were at London Arms"). Ths prompted me to wonder whether Jackson Herring had something to do with Ike Reilly, or whether Cracker had changed that lyric / name themselves.

On looking up the lyrics to Ike's version of Duty Free I see that they're completely different (save the opening of the first verse, and half of the chorus) to the Cracker version. This is really cool, as I really liked the idea of the song (lyrically speaking) being a Cracker original. It's really cool, learning that while the song is technically a cover, the lyrics are written by Cracker (provided that Ike didn't write a version different to what's on Salesmen And Racists. Which I guess is possible given that I read this blog entry which references a demo version with the "..college drunks kicking pigeons in the asses", though it implies that is the only difference, whereas the whole Cracker version is different) like I'd thought in the first place.
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