Circus Mexicus May 2006 - The Post Game Wrap Up

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After getting home, I planned to compile a list of Circus Mexicus May '06 resources found on the web. The whole fractured shoulder thing kinda impeded that. So, this is kinda late, Circus Mexicus was May '06, it's now Jan '07, but without further ado...

Roger Clyne Circus Mexicus Vaction (You Tube) - Actually shot at previous shows, but a cool video compilation, compiled for newbies, and posted after May 2006 show.

RCPM (You Tube) - End of Mexico

Feeling May '06 (You Tube)

Circus Mexicus Videos - Little Hung Over You, European Swallow, Preacher's Daugther, Your Name On A Grain Of Rice, Jack vs. Jose, Horses, Bury My Heart At The Trailer Park.

Circus Mexicus (Webshots)

Circus Mexicus (Webshots)

Circus Mexicus - Summer 2006 - C.K and Jamies Home

Circus Mexicus May '06 - (Flickr - residualpixel)

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers - Scott Hayes - Professional shots

Mexico May - Bodymarker

Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers May 2006 Rocky Point - greggalabama

Yahoo Photos - caligirly2004

Mr Tall - Party Camera

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Everything's Slowing Down, Flowing Counterclockwise

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Recently, I've been listening to a hell of a lot of Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers. Not that that's anything new, but the last two weeks seems like the most I have since Mexico last May.

One of many things that has stood out is how much I associate Counterclockwise with Puerto Peñasco, and Mexico. Of course, I always did, but it's even moreso now. Immediately when I hear it, I think of driving through Sonoyta, the beach, or the Pinacate Condos.

It dawned on me that it could be influenced somewhat, in addition to being in Puerto Peñasco last year, this video (thanks to You Tube, and whoever on the Watering Hole made it), as a video rundown of what Circus Mexicus is and the weekend entails - set the the music of Counterclockwise - the cool alternate lyrics version no less.

As I remember, the video was posted a bit before the May '06 show, and is a great overview of what a Circus Mexicus weekend is. I believe the footage is from either the May '05 or October '05 show.

Fond memories watching it, and it increases the lust for crossing south of the border again.
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