Sunday, January 7, 2007 - 02:21:36 am
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Tonight, largely influence by look at P.Hotos I decided to start getting together my best photos, and doing some extreme tweaking to them. Currently I've stored my complete albums within Photobox, with various levels of tweaks, but none really going too overboard - preference of having the subject look close to how it did.

I'd considered initially just making a separate album in Photobox for this purpose, but ended up going ahead and signed up for a Flickr account. For about a year I've considered it vaguely, but never gone ahead because, I have Photobox, specifically designed to make managing photos as little time consuming as possible. Plus, the limits on Flickr. I certainly could in no way store all the photos I take there, and trying to ship them off to a remote server/service would be completely impractical anyway. However, taking the best of the best selection is doable, and hence tonight decided on the Flickr option.

Certainly, like I said, it'd be completely impractical for all of my photos, however, I must zay the user interface is quite nice. I like it a lot, and certainly makes management of a small number of photos quite manageable, especially for something web based.

Another thing I thought was really good is the Geotagging featuring, being able to tag the location the photo was taken. Very very cool.

In anycase, my Flickr page is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/otisdelmonte/. I like it a lot thus far.
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