Stumbling Through The Graves

Saturday, January 6, 2007 - 05:08:21 pm
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To continue with whole "I like my lyrics better" thing from the last post about Dead Hot Workshop...

I was talking to Katie today about a train of thought I had yesterday, finding But still I have those days when I'm stumbling through the graves... from Never Thought relatible to some experiences last year. The thought process on that could be a blog entry in it's own right.

In any case, she said how she's always thought it was "grays", and on looking up the lyrics, it is, though I've always sung "graves". Grays totally works, and works just as well for how I was relating to the lyric yesterday, however, I do think my interpretation is cooler! [smile] Lyrics should be run by me before bands go into the studio. [lol]

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