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Thursday, January 4, 2007 - 02:14:21 pm
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On the way back from Melbourne Uni today I phoned Katie for a progress check, who was at Mardi Gras in Scottsdale for her last Scotty Johnson show for a while. Rather than hanging up, I had to listen, as the sound quality coming down the phone was extremely good, as Scotty broke into Get Drunk. Song after song I kept saying "I'll hang up when I hear what the next song is", and of course, found it too hard to each time. Especially the third one, which I thought was new, and I was completely captivated by.

As it turns out, it was Pain In Vein, one, if not the initial favorite of mine. And freaking out over it today and not realizing (though halfway through I started to wonder - I remembered having the same reaction to Pain, which made me question whether it was actually it rather than an equally good new song), confirms that loving it that first night in Tempe was not a fluke. It's an absolutely excellent song, and I hope it's on the forthcoming album. In total I listened to the following songs until the phone line went crappy at the end of Chorus:

Get Drunk
New Song Baby
Pain In Vein

All in all, today was a really good morning, and hearing Scotty playing (in addition to it being Katie's last show for a while, it makes it my last one via phone for a while), and especially getting to hear Pain In Vein in such good quality.
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