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Thursday, October 18, 2012 - 07:42:33 pm
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I'm not sure I have ever doubted what a big deal college football is. But if I had, I would have been set straight this afternoon. Downtown Tempe transformed from relatively quite to an absolute circus by about 3 o'clock. Most impressive to me was the DJ at West 6, pumping out music so loud that I could almost still hear it when I finished my smoke and went back into the office.

The full extent of it all was evident when I walked down to meet Katie a little bit before 5, at the Sun Devil Stadium parking lot, which happens to be her designated parking spot. Walking down 6th Street I was a little amazed with everything that was going on, including many tailgaters set up in the parking lots with, BBQ's in full swing.

Of course, we did not get home in record time tonight. It took at least 20 minutes just to get from College to University. Fun times. Actually, it kinda was. Though, hopefully the next time there is a game of this magnitude at Sun Devil Stadium, ASU employees can work the afternoon at home. [wink]

Once we did get home, I saw this video, which is all sorts of cool. It would have been good if Sparky could continued up Veterans Way to University and provided some of that bus / car crushing action.

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