Planking In North Scottsdale

And The Persuaders

PhotosSaturday, May 21, 2011 - 11:59:03 pm
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So it was The Persuaders tonight at O'Donoghue's. It would have been an easy one to skip, since everyone in that band by now is probably sick of seeing our faces in front of them when they play [wink], plus the gig was in North Scottsdale.

Of course, I'm such a sucker for that band, and without anything more compelling happening on a Saturday night, I knew forewell in the back of my mind that I was going to break and go. Honestly, who are we trying to kid here? [smile] At 6 o'clock when Emmett was added as the opener when Joe Pena had to pull out our minds were made up.

Photobox ImageO'Donoghue's was a very cool joint. Another Irish pub (two in two nights for us), with the band area in and open air area, which was quite cool. Em saw us as soon as we walked in, and we had to face the music about abandoning him and the rest of Tramps last night. [smile] ha! Despite how often we've seen Emmett acoustic with either Scotty or Mark, tonight was the first time we've gotten to see him solo, so that was cool and in itself worth the trip up to North Scottsdale.

After his set, I went out for a smoke, and Lawrence joined me, confirming "you're Australian, right?" and proceeded to mention that there were a bunch of Australians there trying to get the band to drink. We had a good old chat about that and a bunch of other stuff, before wandering back inside. No sooner had I relayed to Katie that there were other Aussies here, but outside I noticed what I've heard about via Facebook - planking!. There was no doubt at that point that there were Australians at the bar! I explained the "craze" to Emmett, who at this point was sitting with us having something to eat. Crazy shit. I must say, this whole "planking" thing totally perpetuates some ridiculous image of the country that I originate from - however, there was something cool about witnessing it. It continued throughout the night, with that party "planking" on everything they could, including a Jeep parked outside. Clearly I was meant to come out to this show, if for nothing to else, to witness my fellow countrymen bring this ridiculous crazy across the ocean to North Scottsdale.

Photobox ImageOf course, witnessing planking first hand wasn't the only thing that confirmed that we were supposed to come out to tonight's show. While I'd expected about an hour's worth a music from The Persuaders, they actually played for near on 2 hours and 45 minutes. In addition to the usual Persuader's songs, both sets were opened up with a bunch of N.A.P.P tunes, as well as older Feedbags tunes getting thrown in as well. Got to love that.

Beyond the rare tunes, it was another great show. Sitting there it was obvious how ridiculous even remotely considering skipping this one was. I think we've probably seen the band at least once every weekend for the last two months, and it's just not possible to get sick of seeing them play.

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