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Pirates, Tramps & Strange Young Things

Friday, May 20, 2011 - 11:39:35 pm
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Well, it's been a fairly non stop night. We started out heading over to Arizona Mills to see Pirates Of The Caribbean 4. The previews before the movie for both the Transformers movie and Green Hornet confirmed why I rarely go out to see a movie - the absolute shit that comes out of Hollywood is astounding.

Of course, Pirates was fantastic. There really isn't any aspect of those movies that isn't custom built for Katie or myself. [smile] I was also ready to say "Penelope Cruz is no Keira Knightley". And I guess while that is still technically true, I didn't feel the need to say it after the movie as I expected. [wink]

After the movie, we had some time to kill before Strange Young Things. And a hunger to kill also, since we hadn't had time to eat. So we headed over to Flanny's to grab some food and chow down while watching Tramps & Thieves. The plan worked well, despite the fact that I'm sure we're going to get in trouble for leaving the show. I think we slipped it to the night fairly stealthily, but... It was great to see the turn out that Tramps got, and given that it was lucky that we showed up when we did, otherwise I doubt we would have gotten a table.

We split at 10, and headed down to Robbie Fox for Strange Young Things. Fun times, though it was hot as hell in there, the techno music between sets was hard to take, and well - the place was absolutely packed with college kids. Actually, it was a freak show in that regard. It was good to see the band in front of them, though the majority were outside with the techno music. Y'know, the sea of college kids does raise the point that all our venues being off Mill these days isn't all bad. [wink] We hung out for three sets, before taking off since Katie has to do another healthy cooking gig tomorrow morning. While it was somewhat of a relief to get out of that cluster fuck, it was unfortunate that it meant that we missed out on some great tunes including Tripped and Fuck You.
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