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Tuesday, May 10, 2011 - 04:38:59 pm
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Once again, despite plenty of weekends with nothing going on over the past few months, this Friday night is proving to be a frustration of double bookings.

Months ago we'd decided that we were going to go up north and see Tramps & Thieves and follow that up with Stephen Ashbrook in Jerome. However, we somehow forgot about that, and decided to see Stephen Ashbrook on Friday at Martini Ranch. Maybe we didn't forget as much as decide that we should reign back on the budget, especially given the ridiculousness of gas prices.

So then the "Tempe vs. Tucson" Mill Avenue Inc and The Avenue double screening was booked for this Friday. On top of that, The Persuaders have a gig at Tempe Tavern after their one at the Sail Inn. Now, that's more or less fine, we don't need to be ridiculous and see them twice in one night, however I want to check out Tempe Tavern, and doing that while seeing the Persuaders would have been cool.

The decision was made to go to the Tempe vs. Tucson show, and to that end I promised Nico we'd be there on the weekend. We've missed too many Ashbrook shows of recent times, but we were happy to say "we'll do the next one", yet again. But today I was reminded of the fact that it's not just another Ashbrook show, it's his new CD release show. I flat out don't want to miss that. I briefly weighed up the ridiculous idea of trying to go from the Sail Inn to Martini Ranch and catch it. Aside the fact that I know that'd turn into another Toad The Wet Sprocket/Black Moods disaster, where we drive around Scottsdale for half an hour like chumps looking for a park and miss the show, it's not even possible to attempt, since Ashbrook plays at the same time The Avenue is screening. This one kinda stings.

Of course, the solution to this dilemma is to revisit our initial plan. Drive up to Jerome for Stephen's Saturday night show. Which I think is what we're going to do. I'm sure Road Trip Songs and in particular Wastin' My Time will be spinning on the drive.

In a few weeks, when there is not a single damn thing to do in this here, town on a Friday night, and it will happen [wink], I will bitch a blue streak.

Edit: Actually, I neglected to mention that Bret Michaels is also playing at the Scottsdale Water Front this Friday night. Sure, I think I've contributed enough to the Bret Michaels fund recently (of course, the Water Front show is actually for charity) with the upcoming Poison tickets and wasn't necessarily planning on going to this, but it does further the point that everything is happening in the valley this Friday night!
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