Save The Boobs 5

Saturday, May 7, 2011 - 11:59:14 pm
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How much fun was had tonight? Ridiculous amounts. Is that surprising? No, not in the slightest.

Photobox ImageYes, it was Save The Boobs 5 (or Rock For The Cure if you're being politically correct) at Teakwoods tonight. Rocked up at 8 - or a little bit past 8 - we're hopeless and grabbed some grub while The Bellwethers and Audra played inside. Lance's two charity event / shows are always awesome, and tonight was no different. The venue choice was certainly exciting to us, and totally proved to make this the best Save The Boobs yet, even if the acoustic sets on the patio were a little on the packed side. Seeing Teakwoods so crawling with people was great. Early on in the night I ventured out there to snap some photos, but otherwise stayed inside.

Photobox ImageAs tends to happen to me at Teakwoods on occasions, I found myself having a jalapeno incident. Though, I must say, this was the worst by far. My fajitas were otherwise on the very mild side (spice wise), however towards the end bit into a jalapeno straight from the fiery depths of hell! Maybe it wasn't a jalapeno. I don't know, but it was hot as hell. And I'm a guy who is all about jalapenos. I'm not sure I've ever chugged down a glass of water faster than tonight. [smile] Fun times. But the fajita's were awesome and I was glad to get to try what is I believe a relatively new (and welcomed) addition to the Teakwoods menu. And y'know, I must say - both during dinner and throughout the night, the $1.50 PBR pints went down very easy. Yaay for PBR drink specials. $1.50 for a pint, you can't beat that.

Photobox ImageI spoke to Josh after eating, who informed me that they had switched with Ghetto Cowgirl. Having seen Ghetto plenty lately (unlike the moods), that came as great news to me. You know, best case scenario would have seen them both as full band, but given the choice I'd definitely rather see the Moods electric tonight. When Josh confirmed they were going to be doing a full band rock set I approved tell him "that's how I liked it". He was in agreement. [wink] They were on soon after that conversation and tore it up. It's been quite a while since Katie and I have seen them (at least as a full band). And I can't even remember the last time we saw them play at Teakwoods, so their set was one of the best of the night for us.

The other cool Black Moods related part of tonight was their merch stand with new t-shirts. I've wanted a Moods t-shirt for years. So there was no question about shelling out more dough tonight for those. Sweet ass. I've been berated from stage [wink] many times at Violet Wild and Black Moods shows for sporting Gloden's face on my t-shirt. Clearly it's now time to even the score by wearing Josh's face to Corey's shows. hahaha. Beratement from stage is probably the least I need to worry about in that instance.

Photobox ImageUp next were Ghetto Cowgirl, or at least the healthy half of them. [wink] So we ventured out to patio for their set. Since Lance always has these on a tight schedule, there was some concern that we wouldn't get back inside before The Persuaders started - until remembering that their guitarist extraordinary was performing in front of us. [smile]

Photobox ImageThe other "best set" of the night award has to go to The Persuaders. Lawrence just brought it tonight. Not to imply his performance isn't always amazing, because it is, but tonight - man, those Lawrence Zubia vocals were like a freight train. I don't know if it was Teakwoods, or the crowd, or a combination of other things, but holy shit that set rocked. It seemed that it was going to be a short set (never surprising with 9 bands on a bill) after a couple of songs where Lawrence thanked everyone for coming. But no, it was just a random early set shout out, and the guys proceeded to rock Teakwoods for just under an hour. We even got One Soul (sans Lawrence) which was unexpected given the tight schedule. I continue to like that song more and more. And of course, this is completely redundant, but in addition to Lawrence, Phil's drumming completely blew our minds...and ear drums. Again. The guy is amazing behind the kit. Actually, seeing Chico and then Phil virtually back to back made for some of the best drummers in town being in the house tonight. Y'know, if Dan Petrosino had been there, it would have made the trifecta. [smile]

Photobox ImageFollowing The Persuaders, it was back outside for Glodie. Given the time, the patio had cleared out a little bit making it easy to get a comfy spot for Corey's set. It's been ridiculously long since we've seen him and was good to catch up with him about what's been going on in the Strange Young Things camp. And of course, he delivered one hell of an entertaining and fun set. It's Corey Gloden, of course that's what he delivered.

Photobox ImageLast up was the ever fashionable Andrew Brown with The Dirty Rascals. During their set they did a speed up version of I Want To Be A Bird. Well, actually, it became a sped up version. Possibly Garvin was responsible for that. I'm not sure how Andrew felt about it, but holy shit, I loved it. It's one of my favorite Andrew Brown songs anyway, and with the tempo raised somewhat it was amazing. Other favorites like All That You Need and Midnight Radio also were broken out during the set, making me a happy camper.

When everything was said and done, it was about 1:45am when the Dirty Rascals got finished and we got ready to go. Which could be latest we've ever been a Teakwoods. What a real awesome night.
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