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Lead Thoughts In Hurricane Streets

Sunday, September 9, 2007 - 12:07:27 pm
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Last night after watching Dodgeball and Rockwiz (which is back for now - yay!) I watched some late movie (The Learning Curve. After which I went out for a smoke, and came back while another late movie was starting. Getting ready to crash, I noticed that it was kids ripping off a record store, which seemed to be very reminencent of the Empire Records scene. Actually to the point that one of the guys looked a lot like Warren from the movie (and actually was). It seemed like something somewhat worth watching, but given it was 2:20, I decided that I shouldn't.

I was weighing up recording it when a song started playing that was "one of my songs". Y'know, the moment you hear it, you get that but can't immediately place it. Within a few seconds it hit me - it was Dead Hot Workshop!. At which point I had to (violently [smile] ) wake up Katie, pointing at the screen and yelling (quietly) "FUCK NO! It's Fuck No!". After a couple of seconds it became obvious that it was actually Lead Thoughts. Definitely exciting hearing Dead Hot on TV in Australia. Surprisingly it was pretty much the entire song in the intro of the movie.

Once the intro was over we looked up the movie and found out it was Hurricane Streets, which actually is somewhat familiar from the board at some point. But all the same, was pretty exciting!
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